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Our Psychlone Cluster line of High Performance Computing Clusters is ideal for any organization wishing to add the power of supercomputing for a reasonable price.  Designed around the best components to offer value in price/performance, the Psychlone Cluster line of computers for Node Based Parallel Processing High Performance Computing (HPC) applications is available starting with 5 nodes and scaling from there.  Running at 3.2 ghz per node connected with gigabit Ethernet, and scaling to hundreds of nodes, the Psychlone Cluster makes HPC affordable.  Designed for computing intensive applications such as weather modeling, chemical modeling, genetic research, graphics rendering, simulation and large digit mathematical problem solving, the Psychlone Cluster is well suited for Universities, Pharmaceutical Companies, Weather Stations, Research Facilities, Engineering Facilities and Animation Producers.  Best of all, the Psychlone Cluster is built and designed by the smart folks at Psychsoft, people with advanced degrees who have been doing this sort of thing since 1987, when they developed artificial intelligence natural language systems for such organizations as NIH.  So if you wanted to get into supercomputing, but thought you couldn't afford to, give us a (virtual) shout.


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You can reach us by phone at: 617 471 8733

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