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Visit for high end Gaming PCs (Psyborg Extreme Gamer Computer), Graphics Workstations (Psyborg Extreme 64 bit Graphics Workstation Computer), Digital Signage PCs (Psyches Genie), In-store signage solutions (Psyne Creation Station) and Linux based Cluster Supercomputers (Psychlone Cluster HPCs), also check out the Psyberlert Emergency Cell Phone Text Messaging solution. If you're looking for a PC, and are tired of the low performance offerings out there, take a look at our Business Class PC, and stop flying coach. If you are looking to join the Presonal Supercomputer Revolution, check out our Psychlone Tesla Personal Supercomputer

Psychsoft also offers a full line of monitors, printers, scanners, input devices and parts. If you are looking for anything that is computer related, we have it.

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You can reach us by e-mail at:
You can reach us by phone at: 617 471 8733

Also, check out our resource page of Linux Graphics Programs.You should also check out this gamer resources page. and our vista resources page. We also have a Retail Resources Page up for all you Retail gurus out there.

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