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Psychsoft carries the complete line of IBM Servers at academic discount for schools.  Fill in the form below to tell us what you are looking for and we will get back to you.

847621U NETFINITY 3000 P2-350 4.51GB LRA 4/30/99
847840X XSERIES 200 P3-800MHZ 128MB SCSI TOWER 8478
847850X XSERIES 200 P3-866MHZ 128MB SCSI TOWER 8478
86452AX XSERIES 220 P3-800MHZ H/S BAYS 128MB TOWER 8645
864531X XSERIES 220 P3-866MHZ 128MB TOWER 8645
864532X XSERIES 220 P3-866MHZ 18.2GB 128MB TOWER 8645
86453AX XSERIES 220 P3-866MHZ H/S BAYS 128MB TOWER 8645
864541X XSERIES 220 P3-933MHZ 128MB TOWER 8645
864542X XSERIES 220 P3-933MHZ 18.2GB 128MB TOWER 8645
86454AX XSERIES 220 P3-933MHZ H/S BAYS 128MB TOWER 8645
865211Y NETFINITY 4000R P3-500 256MB 9.1GB 1U RACK 8652
865263Y NETFINITY 4000R 2P P3-650MHZ 2 9.1GB 2GB 1U RACK 8652
86526YY NETFINITY A100 2 650MHZ 2 9.1GB 1GB W2K IIS 5.0 1U RACK 8652
865431Y XSERIES 330 P3-866MHZ 256MB RACK 8654
865441Y XSERIES 330 P3-933MHZ 256MB RACK 8654
865451Y XSERIES 330 1GHZ 256MB RACK 8654
86566RY XSERIES 340 P3-1GHZ 128MB RACK 8656
86584RY NETFINITY 5100 P3-866MHZ 128MB RACK 8658
865922Y NETFINITY 5000 P2 400/512K 64MB W/D 10/28/99
86596RY NETFINITY 5000 P3-600MHZ 128MB RACK 8659
86612RY NETFINITY 5500 M10 XEON NO RETURNS LRA 4/30/99 LRD 6/14/99
86614RY NETFINITY 5500 M10 P2 XEON W/D 36461
86641RY NETFINITY 5600 P3-533EB/256 128MB RACK 8664
866431Y NETFINITY 5600 P3-667MHZ 256MB TOWER 8664
86643RY NETFINITY 5600 P3-667MHZ 256MB RACK 8664
866451Y NETFINITY 5600 P3-800/256 256MB TOWER 8664
86645RY NETFINITY 5600 P3-800MHZ 256MB RACK 8664
866461Y NETFINITY 5600 P3-866MHZ 256MB TOWER 8664
86646RY NETFINITY 5600 P3-866MHZ 256MB RACK 8664
866471Y NETFINITY 5600 P3-933MHZ 256MB TOWER 8664
86647RY NETFINITY 5600 P3-933MHZ 256MB RACK 8664
866481Y XSERIES 240 P3-1GHZ 256MB TOWER 8664
86648RY XSERIES 240 P3-1GHZ 256MB RACK 8664
86652RY NETFINITY 7600 P3-XEON 550MHZ/2MB 512MB RACK 8665
86654RY NETFINITY 7600 P3-XEON 700MHZ/1M 512MB RAID/4M RACK 8665
86655RY NETFINITY 7600 P3-XEON 700MHZ/2M 512MB RAID/4M RACK 8665
86661RY NETFINITY 7100 P3-XEON 550MHZ/512K 256MB RACK 8666
866621Y NETFINITY 7100 P3-XEON 550MHZ/1MB 256MB TOWER 8666
86662RY NETFINITY 7100 P3-XEON 550MHZ/1MB 256MB RACK 8666
86663RY NETFINITY 7100 P3-XEON 700MHZ/1M 256MB RACK 8666
86801SY NETFINITY 7000 M10 P3-XEON 550MHZ 256MB RACK 8680
86802SY NETFINITY 7000 M10 P3-XEON 550MHZ/1MB 256MB RACK 8680
86807RY NETFINITY 7000 M10 P3-XEON 500/1MB 256MB RACK 8680
86814RY NETFINITY 8500R P3-XEON 550MHZ/512K 256MB RACK 8681
86816RY NETFINITY 8500R P3-XEON 550MHZ/2MB 512MB RACK 8681
86822RY NETFINITY 6000 P3-XEON 700MHZ/2M 512MB RACK 8682

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