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How to Contact PsychSoft

If you want to order software, computers, networking hardware or peripherals or just want to ask us a question, here's how to contact Psychsoft. We're here to serve.

Call Psychsoft at:      617 471 8733    wizcom.gif (17151 bytes)

Write Psychsoft at:     Psychsoft
P.O. Box 232
North Quincy, MA 02171

E-Mail Psychsoft at:

Call Lita Alexander and have her send the message telepathically

(This may be the best method in 2259, but for today, if you don't contact us directly,  will you really know that you have a service centered, price effective solution?)

If you're looking for a PC, and are tired of the low performance offerings out there, take a look at our Business Class PC, and stop flying coach.

Visit for high end Gaming PCs (Psyborg Extreme Gamer Computer), Graphics Workstations (Psyborg Extreme 64 bit Graphics Workstation Computer), Digital Signage PCs (Psyches Genie), In-store signage solutions (Psyne Creation Station) and Linux based Cluster Supercomputers (Psychlone Cluster HPCs). If you are looking to join the Presonal Supercomputer Revolution, check out our Psychlone Tesla Personal Supercomputer


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